Oscar: What about Chelsea?

Kahu: But they’re trash (Colloquialism – Metaphor).

Oscar: Why do you support Arsenal if you say Chelsea’s trash?(Interrogative)

Kahu: Ah,(Verbal Filler) because they are a decent football team.

Oscar: Nah.(Colloquialism)

Kahu: Yeah,(Colloquialism) they are.

Oscar: No. I disagree. (Command)

Kahu: Why?

Oscar: Because they never win anything.

Kahu: yeah they do.

Oscar: And they have no good players, because their good players never want to be

Kahu: They have got good players, just that his contract left.

(Interruption)Oscar: Then they sign new good players, in a couple of years they’ll be “owh, naw  (Colloquialism, Verbal Filler) I don’t like this team”, and then they’ll have to leave.

Kahu: I thought Ozil was leaving at one time.

Oliver: They are both terrible, Man City’s ways better. Come on guys.

Kahu: Man city’s sucks.(Metaphor)

Oliver: Man city’s great. (sarcasm)

Oscar: No, now there’s something everyone can agree on. That’s like saying the Portraits are

Kahu: Yeah. Its sucks, but no one likes to admit it.

Kahu: Its Cos its like, trash.

Oscar: :It’s just trash.

Kahu: It’s like bandwagon trash, unless you’ve been supporting them since your like, little.

Oscar: Its still trash, just Man City’s.

Kahu: It’s like saying, “ow” um, that’s like saying why don’t our team lose, “well cause i support

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