Your morals may be the most important thing in life as an individual, and to put that aside to reach a goal or dream shows true ambition, however that driving force may not always lead to success as seen in William Shakespear’s tragedy, Macbeth, or the well-known poem, Ozymandias, written by Percy Bysshe Shelley, where ambition is a strongly influencing factor for the characters, but for the wrong cause, corrupting minds, and vigorously leading people into false realities where all that matters is there own personal success. Contrary to that, in both the 1997 movie Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol, and the song Precious Puritans, by propaganda, ambition is portrayed in a far better way, showing the determination and motivation of the mind as a way to overcome what might have seemed impossible. These four texts all show ambition in different ways but with an overshadowing idea that having that internal drive to accomplish what you set your mind to can be achieved, but ambition itself may not be the key to succeeding. However success also requires using failures to learn from your mistakes, and if this isn’t done, ambition mean nothing.

p1 Macbeth, ambition can lead to corruption of the mind // Ozymandias, no matter how much ambition someone has, nothing lasts forever. Ambition also requires using failures to learn from their mistakes.

In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, ambition is presented in a dangerous quality leading the main characters through a corrupt and dangerous path. It causes the downfall of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, triggers a series of deaths and brings attention to the concept of morality, as Macbeth lowly loses his mind, making ambition a driving force in the play. This leaves the viewers/reads wondering whether you can blame Macbeth’s ambition for his actions, or if it is simply a desire for power and achievement that lead him to a corrupt mindset, and eventually, his death when he is killed by Macduff. 

p2 Gattaca and precious puritans, ambition is part of the soul and without it, society is to controllable

In Andrew Niccol’s futuristic dystopia film, Gattaca, genetic selection and modifications determine the lives of many, dividing society into a world of superior and inferior. The main protagonist, Vincent, a child born naturally into the world, has always dreamed about going to space but is held back by his genetic makeup not being perfectly selected, making him invalid for any important jobs.

p4 conclusion

triumph and satisfaction are achieved through an ambitious attitude, as its the most important tool for gaining success, more valuable than talent and resources by far.

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